Young & Old Gay Story

So, this incident took place about 25 years ago. It was an act of kindness but turned out to be a great young and old gay story.

I was in my early 20s and was sharing an apartment with my best friend. Both of us were “straight” but had got drunk one night and ended up giving each other oral. After that first time, it became a regular thing, but it was just a matter of two guys helping each other out. Since we were living together in the same apartment, it meant that oral sex was always available. So what I am about to tell you, had nothing to do with me being horny at the time.

I had go somewhere on my bike one evening, and I had stopped to fill the tank. When I tried to leave, the bike wouldn’t start, and I discovered that the battery was completely drained. At least, that is what I thought. After trying to kick start the bike countless times, an elderly guy, probably late 60s or early 70s stopped. He asked what the problem was, and when I told him, he suggested I remove the battery and go with him. So that he could charge the battery for me.

So, off we went, and we soon pulled into a local campsite. It happened that he was traveling around the country with his caravan, attending various radio controlled aircraft events. True to his word, he soon had my bike battery hooked up to a charger. Then he asked me if I would like him to run me home, or if I would rather hang around for a while.

He was a really pleasant guy, so I opted to stay. Anyway, he offered me a drink and we started talking about all sorts of things over a few drinks. There was absolutely no hint at all of anything sexual. Just then I noticed a small framed picture of what was clearly a man dressed in women’s clothing. It must have been quite an old photo, so I asked him who it was. He immediately became uncomfortable, and asked me not judge him or think that he is a freak because it was an old photo from years back.

I assured him that I am not one to judge others, and that its his life, and it really did not bother me at all how other people chose to live their lives. He poured his heart out to me after that, and I really felt sorry for him and all that he had been through. Among the things I learned that night, was that he had always been bisexual; the man had not had any sort of sex for many years; had not even seen a vagina or a penis in real life for all those years, and that he could no longer even get an erection he often still got horny.

He was a really nice old guy and I genuinely felt really sorry for him. Anyway, I went to get another beer out of the fridge, and then I went and stood directly in front of him. I told him he was welcome to have a feel and a look if he wanted to. Needless to say, he did just that, sort of rubbing and feeling me through my pants. To my surprise, I started getting an erection, and he was clearly enjoying the moment.

young and old gay story

Then I told him to go ahead and take it out so that he could have a proper feel. At this point he undid my pants, and pulled both, my pants and my underpants down, exposing my now fully erect manhood. His exact words to me were: “God, it looks magnificent”, and then he started feeling it and caressing it. It was pretty obvious that he would like to suck, so I told him that I knew what he was thinking, and that he was welcome to go ahead and do it.

Anyway, a long story short, he sucked for ages, and then asked me to f*** his face. Not really my sort of thing, but for all I knew, this night could very well have been the last such experience in his life, so I obliged. I felt rather uncomfortable doing it because he wanted it hard and rough, with plenty of gagging. I can’t really recall how long this whole session lasted. But I remember that he must have been concerned that I would maybe stop before having an orgasm because he basically begged me to ejaculate in his mouth.

I couldn’t quite get there just from the oral, so I eventually had to use my hand, and just as I reached orgasm, I told him to take over and enjoy. I don’t think I have ever again seen someone taking a load from me as enthusiastically as he did that night.

young and old gay story

When it was all over, he couldn’t stop thanking me. It felt really strange because while I had obviously enjoyed my orgasm and etc, it had also given this old guy so much pleasure; a very real and genuine pleasure that was totally obvious. I guess for him, it was a matter of him being in the right place at the right time. And I felt strangely good about myself for bringing him so much happiness and pleasure for a while.

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