Women’s Most Common Fantasy

Touch me. Skim your fingers over my skin. Run your thumb over my lips and inhale sharply as I bite down.

Nuzzle my breasts with your lips and tease my nipples out with that clever tongue. Trace a path down my back and squeeze my ass. Both hands.

Then slide a finger under the elastic of my panties at my thigh and feel my warmth and wet. Taste me. Put your tongue on my clit and make me dizzy as you lick slow lazy circles. Make me moan; make me pant. Let me run my hands all over your skin; dig my fingers into those broad shoulders.

Next, I’ll rock my hips against yours to see what your hard dick feels like pressed up against my pussy. Strip us both naked. Press tight, skin to skin. Push me to my knees and fist your hands in my hair. I’ll wrap my lips around your dick and fill my mouth with you again. Pull me up and slide your cock inside me deep. Fuck me anyway you please. Hard. Slow. Rough. Or be a tease.

Then let me go down on my knees and I’ll lick myself off your dick while you cum, tasting both of us running down my throat.


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