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We had a lot of incoming requests about this interview. People love to watch her, and now they even want to know what she’s like. She’s one of the most loved adult video actor and a really talkative person in real life. Worked as a stripper for two months before starting her career in the industry as a 19 year old. Let’s get to know more about The Riley Reid Life.

Question: Tell us something about yourself.

Riley Reid: I grew up in Florida, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. I’ve got a huge family, brothers and sisters. I was a pretty good student as far as high school is concerned. Took all AP classes, honors and college course classes. I even had a scholarship to go to college and to be a teacher. And, after high school, I was studying psychology and stuff.

Question: Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends as a teen?

I was always this super sexual person in high school. Even during elementary and middle school, I was hooking up with many girl. All during middle school, there was this one girl, she was my girlfriend but we never actually established our relationship. We would have sex with each other and I was always the dominant one. I went to 3 different high schools because we moved around a lot. Then, for some reason, sexually, I felt shy around girls. I stopped having sex with girls once I got to high school maybe because I had a fear of rejection.

Boys are so easy. I was fu*king all the guys. I didn’t care if a guy rejected me, but there’s something about girls that I didn’t even want to risk it. “Oh, no, ewww, you’re a lesbian?” So it was really weird. That time my sexual life with females was non-existence, to an extent. While I was always having sex with all my male friends. I rarely had boyfriends because I would always cheat on them. (laughs) I could never be a good girlfriend. (laughs)

riley reid life

Question: So, how did your career start?

When I went to college, I did one semester and during the break after that semester, I totaled my car. At that time, I lived in Fort Lauderdale, and my college was on Miami Beach which was over an hour of driving. Taking the bus was not an option so I took a break during my second semester to make some money. Unfortunately during that time, I had also acquired two petty theft charges so I had court fees to pay too. I decided to become a stripper so I could pay for all that shit and get the charges expunged. Which I never did, it’s still on my record. (laughs) And so I started stripping. People would take advantage of me, and I would just talk the night away. I think the most I ever made in a night was maybe around $120 or $130. It wasn’t worth it to me. As I was busting my butt and getting these crazy bruises on myself.

I was talking to one of my stripper friends and told her I was going to leave. I worked there maybe for two months at that point. When I told her, she asked me if I had thought about po*n. I told her I love po*n but I would always just watch amateur so my mind created this idea was that you record it at home. Then you submit it and they send you a check. I really have no idea as to why I thought that. So I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do porn, because I didn’t understand what it was.

It all started when I was an extra of In The VIP for Reality Kings in Miami. I was an extra around four or five times then slowly I got to do more and more. I started as one of the regular girls, shaking my booty. It slowly came into that I would make out with a girl or suck this guy’s cock or eat this girl’s pussy. It was pretty much like being paid for going to a sex party. I felt like it was such a great way to introduce me to the industry. It was a really interesting lifestyle. I even brought some of my girlfriends that I partied in Miami with. They were just the regular girls and got paid $150 to party. I really enjoyed it so much, then I contacted BangBros to shoot a sex scene. It wasn’t like Casting Couch or Facial Abuse or something like that. It was chill. So BangBros hooked me up for a College Rules scene. They didn’t put me in a one-on-one, they put me in a group setting and told me to have fun. I eased my way in and it was super awesome.

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Then I met another male talent who told me about Type 9 modeling. They had offices in both LA and Miami and that was pretty cool. In no time I had my first flight booked to LA. I didn’t tell my mom that I did do po*n until I was traveling. I told her I was going to the beach or to a friend’s house. Finally, one day I said, ‘OK, mom, I’ve been doing porn for a couple of months now and I have this gig booked in LA.’ She had nothing to say and just told me to be careful. She was really worried and didn’t want me to get pimped out or whatever. And, slowly, I kept working and never, ever, ever, ever had the slightest idea that I would become this Riley Reid po*nstar. Not until it happened, I was like, ‘Oh, what? When did this even happen? How did this even happen?’ It’s just so crazy.

Whoever my guardian angel that’s looking out for the Riley Reid life, I’m blessed. My whole po*n experience has been amazing!

riley reid life

Question: We have seen in one of the BTS, that during your first girl/girl scene, you started nibbling on the girl’s thigh and then yelled ‘CUT!’ Were you freaked out?

Riley: No, no. The other girl screamed “CUT!” She had this crazy big fit and yelled, “Don’t you dare bite me!” I was like Woah I didn’t even bite her hard or anything! I said, “What the fuck? This is really weird!” I’ve never seen that scene, I don’t even know who it was for. Actually, it was a threeway girl/girl/girl scene and my first girl/girl scene. The other girl was chilled out and we were like, “What’s wrong with this female?” It was so weird.

Question: The way you described yourself in high school. Do people still describe you that way as a Sexual Dynamo?

Riley: I don’t know what it is. But, I have this high sexual drive and this brings it out of other people too. I don’t know what kind of sparkle is in my eyes but it’s like I look at people and they are like, “Oh, I’m so horny!” I’ve even met really shy guys who haven’t had sex in a really long time, they focus on other things. And then I hang out with them too. Where does this come from?? There’s something in me that just gives off this high sexual vibes that just feeds into other people. They meet me, they look at me and “Wow, I want to bang her!”

Question: We’ve heard that you once blew a mechanic to get free car repairs. And you go into Whole Foods and flirt to get free stuff. Do you deliberately do it or it comes naturally to you?

Riley: Yes it’s true, but I’m not as risqué as I used to be. Maybe because I work with so many people and I’m not putting just myself at risk, I’m putting other people at risk. I have calmed down a bit now although I just blew my Uber driver because I wanted to. (laughs) I was like why not? I’m just this wild person.

riley reid life

Question: So What’s your favorite position?

Riley: Umm, I love cowgirl personally. Po*no sex is just so much different from personal sex. My favorite po*no position is probably reverse but in my personal life, I really like cowgirl. Unless it’s a romantic feature, it’s hard to get that same effect. The thing is, with po*n, I really like being on display.

Question: A lot of the guys in videos are older. Does it ever bother you to work with older men?

Riley: Not at all. Age, numbers, race and gender is nothing but science. I care about the individuality of the person themselves. If you’re a 40-year old shithead, I’m not going to like you because you’re a shithead. It has nothing to do with you being 40.

Question: What’s the oldest guy you’ve been with off-camera?

Riley: I think he was around his late 70s. He was a really sweet guy. He was playing this old classic music and it was fun. I liked that he had this old world charm about him.

Question: Okay, so, How often do you masturbate?

Riley: I don’t masturbate as much as people think. I save it for my sexual partner. I often have sex with people and that’s where I get off. (laughs) I work around 5 times a week and when I’m not working, I invite someone over to hang out with me. I really like to have a partner rather than masturbating. And if I am masturbating, I usually sext with someone who is also masturbating. I really like the sense of being able to connect with somebody. And if I’m not working or maybe out of town or something, I probably masturbate once a day because I’m not getting it anywhere else.

riley reid life

Question: Do you have any fantasies that you want to shoot on camera?

Riley: I want to be worshiped in a roomful of men and women, at least 10 of each. And all focused on me. That’s super selfish but that’s a fantasy. (laughs)

Question: We’ve also heard that you’ve gone out in public with dried cum on your face!

Riley: Yes I have, but I don’t do it so much now. I’ll always leave pussy juice on my face. That’s for sure. I always do that. (laughs) With a guy’s cum, it’s an occasional thing.

Question: What are your hobbies and interests?

Riley: I have started playing the bass recently. It’s really cool. Not showing off, but I picked it up really fast. I have dogs so I’m always playing with them. Also, I love to go to the beach, hang out with friends. I love to cook and I make gourmet foods, I’m a big foodie.

Question: What’s your specialty when it comes to cooking?

Riley: I used to be vegan but I’m not anymore, so for breakfast I make this vegan French toast with homemade maple syrup. And I make poached eggs. I love to make this big ratatouille and I make a vegan lasagna with cheese. Pistachio cakes is one of my specialty as well. I love to cook. I can follow any recipe and make it delicious. (laughs)

Question: And how can the fans get a hold of you?

Riley: My website is, It’s a blog style but I have a clip store for the fans too. My Twitter is @RileyReidx3, everyone thinks it’s supposed to be a heart but it’s x cubed because I’m trying to be a nerd. (laughs) My Instagram is @Ryebreadwithbuddr And I have a Snap chat at ohrileyreid

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