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You’re taking me to an outdoor concert. It’s nearly twilight and we’re having such a good time that neither of us pays much attention to the dark clouds gathering above us. You have your arm around me as we walk across the grounds of the university towards the music blaring ahead.

Thunder rumbles low and my eyes cut over to look up at you; your eyebrows dance up and down to say “this could be interesting”. I laugh and smile at you and your hand slides down my back and you grab my ass and and lean down to kiss me. My chest feels heavy-but it’s because you’ve stolen my breath. You look into my eyes and we smile-having so much fun while big fat raindrops splatter here and there.

We walk on towards our concert and the sprinkles stop. Holding hands-swinging our arms to the music we’re talking and laughing when the torrential rain hits. I follow you to the nearest building where you pull me into an archway and wrap your arms around me.

It was a bit cool to wear a sundress I thought, but you promised you would keep me warm if I would bare some skin. And you, always a man of your word you walk me backwards-kissing me all the way until I’m against the stone pillar. Your hand cups my face then traces my neck and collar bone. I feel my nipples get hard and right on cue you thumb them lightly through the thin cotton.

Your hands feel so good and warm as they slip the tiny straps off my shoulders. My dress hangs around my waist as you stoop down to pull my nipple into your mouth; teasing it, nibbling it. I have one hand on the stone behind me and the other feels your arms and shoulders. I love your exploration but I’m desperate to kiss your lips again. You leave me hungry.

You sit beneath me with your back to the stone pillar, you turn me to face you, straddling your legs with mine so you can see up my dress. And you are pleased to see that I’m not wearing panties. Your hands run up the inside of my legs. We are rain soaked but you’re making me even wetter- hands between my thighs now and a thrust ever so slightly-an unconscious reaction. But you notice and your hands move back my legs and then around the back side. Up just beneath my big round ass, again.

I long to push into your touch but my body betrays me nervously I watch for the crowd to come filing past us. I got distracted for a moment and then you have me pulled against you. My clit in your face-hot breath-the lightest lick low against my lips. I moan but I’m sure you can’t hear it with all this storm. My eyes heavy with desire, I don’t have to wonder long what you have in mind.

You lift my leg over your shoulder and begin your slow devouring of my beautiful tight pink pussy. I stand bare-breasted with my hands against the wall just barely able to keep my balance as you lick and drink and fuck me with your tongue and now fingers. Two of them curled inside me and a thumb massaging and circling my tight little asshole. I’m firing on all cylinders and ready to explode when you pull your fingers out and grab my ass into both your hands and pull me hard onto your face. The intensity stuns me and I can’t help but to grind on your face.

You break my rhythm when you turn me away from you and bend me straight over and begin eating me from behind. My hands are on your thighs for balance, then I widen my stance and begin massaging and stroking you through your jeans. I unzip them and free your hard cock from its prison. Knowingly, I broke the rules and didn’t wait for permission before getting on my knees next to you. Holding your dick in my hand and gently lick the precum from the tip. I trace around the crest before taking the head into my hot wet mouth; stroking you with my hand while you watch.

I look into your eyes as I take you into my mouth as much as I can until it waters and I nearly gag. You let out a little groan of pleasure and I feel like a queen. Pleasing you-making you so hard-feeling your desire grown listening to your hunger grow. My hands stroke and twist; meeting my full lips mid-shaft making my mouth water so much wanting to taste your hot cum needing you to lose yourself inside me. I’m going really good and I think you’re close by the way you’re breathing.

Then you raise me up by my shoulders and turn me away. My legs straddling you with your hands wrapped around playing with my breasts- grabbing and squeezing them. I begin to slide your cock between my lips, surfing my clit up and down the length of your shaft, all so slick and wet and delicious. Your hands move to my hips and you push me away just a bit more so that I can catch your throbbing cock and ride you into myself. You pull me on so slowly that it’s almost painful grasping you bit by bit. When you’re buried inside me and I feel full, I begin to roll my hips- fucking you so slowly but with such intensity.

The rain has let off some but the lightning flashes and I can see the crowd making their way across the corridor just past us. You take my hips a bit harder in your hands and begin riding me a little further up and down than before. I’m so close to cumming that I don’t even think about all those people. You lean back just a little as you grab my hair and the change in depth and angle sends me over the top. I gush on top of you and squeal-oblivious to anything on the planet but us and seeing you cum-thirsting for you to do it inside me. I’m exhausted and I lean forward over your knees. You position me on all fours and enter me doggystyle.

I’m swollen but so awakened-as you begin fucking me deep and hard you hurt me in a way that I’m so grateful for. I moan and cry and cum again. I’m head down and ass up- you feel so fucking good as your dick is slamming inside me; you’re about to cum and you begin to pull out-planning to shoot it all over my beautiful ass. But I push back up into you and you’re balls deep-lost in the waves of my orgasm you find yours there as well. You fill me with your cum and I sway my ass and pussy against you until you’re spent.

You kiss me deeply and help me back into the straps of the little cotton sundress. Standing me up, your cum begins to roll down my thighs. I look up at you and give you my naughty smile and take your hand to help you up and we walk with the stragglers to the truck. I’ve never been so wet and sticky and wet and happy in all my life.


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