My Intimate Relationship With My Teacher

It is an incident from more than a decade back. I was in class IX, I belong to a suburb which was developing very fast (right now it has Puma to Pantaloons every showroom & few malls as well). It is nicely located beside a river and only 40 km from a metro city. Above all, it is a very safe and peaceful place too. So many rich people from cities, who were looking for peace started buying those newly built expensive flats at prime location. My “incident” is around one such person who became my teacher.

My father has a grocery shop. In small places, most obedient sons help their father in their business from a very young age. My father’s shop was anyway very small, so he indeed needed my help a lot. My mom and my aunt used to run a small scale food home delivery too. I was studying in a Government school, education is not always the top priority in a suburb business class family even today. So, I was more interested in delivering food and grocery from door to door, cleaning cars of rich people, do small works for them; I mean anything to earn.

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I used to deliver food and grocery to a lady of mid 30’s residing in a flat in a very expensive apartment. She had shifted very recently, therefore she knew nothing about the locality. All the more she is a single working woman, she needed a lot of help. Me and of my friends took that opportunity to earn few bucks. We nearly worked as personal servants of her, she paid a lot, she paid two suburb guys the rate of cities perhaps. We were very happy. I kept delivering her food and grocery, eventually grew a good relationship with her.

What I discovered she is that teaches in some coaching institutes of a competitive exam. She naturally asked me my whereabouts, my education, why I did not go to school seriously etc. Sitting today, what I feel, as an educated person, she perhaps realized I have the potential to do something good academically. She offered, in fact, instructed me to teach mathematics and science subjects without taking a penny. She was a wonderful teacher. When you had been studying in a bad Government school with teachers who had used a political source to get the job, an actually good teacher made you feel the difference. I was grateful with her. I grew interest in academics. I did very well in board exam one and half a year later. My life had changed since then and I never had to look back.

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Now about the point of the question: I went to her meet my 12th exam one last time. In a matter of a few weeks I shall be leaving for a very good institute far away from my hometown. She was different that day. The conversation was in my mother-tongue, I am translating it as much as I can. She told me, “Will you miss me?” Okay, very frankly she changed my life, I am too much grateful to her. I said, “Yes ma’am, I got the chance just because you helped me when I was younger.” She said, “That’s okay. But I will miss you a lot. I will again become lonely. I liked how every other evening you used to visit here to study.” Yes, she helped me in math, she was very good at those tricky problems typical in competitive exams, one of the best I have ever seen.

I somehow asked a strange question I should not have asked, “Ma’am why don’t you marry?” She gave a look at me, full of hatred or anger, I don’t know. She replied, “I am divorced.” I said, “I am sorry”. She told several personal things in the next 10–15 minutes which I do not want to share here, she was crying. I touched her head, I don’t know how I got that courage and wiped her tears. She hugged me tightly. She kissed me in my chest. I felt a bit odd, but I won’t say I hated it. She kissed me a couple of times. I had an erection and she, of course, realized it.

She touched me, I touched her as well. After a few minutes she told me, “Go home, you are getting late”. I could not sleep that night, I had a strange feeling. It was consensual, but I wish I could do something for her loneliness. I met her couple of times after that. We kissed each other for a long time. We had sex only once when I was in the third year of my college. But this type of relations is not meant to be worked out. After that sex, she asked me to forget her and start looking for a good partner. I used to call her by her first name that point, we were so close. I was a bit mad, but she slapped me, then hugged me and then asked me to forget her. I understood she was in more pain than me.

Yes, for “good” I moved away. I don’t know where she is today, she sold her flat many years back. In course of my life, I moved on. I love my wife and little daughter a lot, A LOT indeed. But it was my first love and it happened in a strange manner. My wife knows about another affair I had, but this one I could never tell her. I don’t know why I was genuine in my love. Society is such a shit thing, it may make me feel guilty. How can you have affair with a woman more than 15 years older than you? Shameless! No, I genuinely loved her, same for her. If there was no society, I would have married her. Wish our society stops judging people some day.

I fall for a lady who fixed my life, made me educated, I eventually became VP of a big company. She did more than an average mother does for their child. Just then I saw her as my lover, not as my mother or sister!

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