Real Maid Stories- My Dad and I Slept With Her

My dad used to sleep with our maidservant and after he passed away, I started sleeping with her.

This incident happened when I was 14 and we were 7 siblings. Hence mom was no more any attractive but dad was full of libido.

One morning when I woke up at my usual time of about 7 AM, I found my sisters and mom seriously discussing something in their bedroom and I got curious about it. I too joined them and all of them became silent. But, after a while, my mom announced that everybody should know this and started narrating what had happened.

This maidservant lives with us and she’s a spinster. She sleeps alone inside the kitchen and rest all of us sleep in bedrooms. That previous night one of my sisters experienced some kind of stomachache because of having too many tacos which led to food poisoning. She had to wake up to use the restroom. On the way to the restroom, she heard noises of panting from the kitchen and peeped in and what she saw gave her the shock of her life. Dad was making it out with our maid. She woke up mom and switched on all lights to let dad know that everybody is awake and came to know what’s going on.

Dad quickly rushed out of the kitchen and went into the restroom and locked himself for an hour. By the time everybody went to sleep and I am not sure how mom took it.

My sisters narrated the whole incident to me and I was not sure whether it was right or wrong or what should be the outcome etc.

I forgot about it and nothing like that happened after that or I never heard any such thing about dad and that maidservant. 10 years later dad passed away and I was 25 and watched plenty of porn and never had slept with a female.

I used to imagine having sex with this maidservant but, never could gather the courage to do so since she could have been 50+ years old and still appeared very ‘Tight’ with huge and firm breasts and lovely butt. I started staring at her bum when she walked around. One day when nobody was at home, I decided to go for it no matter what may come.

real maid stories

I was very frightened that she would complain to mom or sisters or brothers. It was 11 PM and I knew she would be fast asleep in the kitchen when I woke up from my bedroom, carried my pillow and entered the dark kitchen. In the darkness, I could see her sleeping on her side. I silently placed my pillow near her pillow and lay next to her and threw my leg over her huge ass. She woke up shocked and let out a scream of horror but after seeing me, she was totally surprised and I was completely embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.

She turned to my side and looked at me with wide eyes in shock and disbelief. Seemed like she didn’t believe what she was seeing. After a few seconds, she hugged me and asked me to promise that I will not tell about this to anyone. I promised to her and that day she taught me how to do and gave me an amazing blow job. We had three rounds that night and I didn’t get sleep for the rest of the night as it was my first ever experience and she was amazing.

I woke up in the morning at my usual time and got ready to go to work. That day onward I found her taking special care of me like preparing special food for my alone and packing my lunch with utmost care and special dishes and preparing juices for me when I came home etc.

This went on for more than 5 years until I got transferred to another city and I never saw her again as she had left my home after I left.

When I came to know that she had left, I felt relieved since I was always frightened that this secret would leak out and I would be in a similar situation which my dad was in.

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