Real Lady Doctor Hot Story

How my doctor hot story began

When I was about 23, I had this beautiful lady doctor named Christine. Being a gay, I specifically went out and found a lady doc. I just didn’t want to consult any straight male doctor and have him look at me. Anyway I settled with her because I was able to talk my heart out with her. About sex and what not and she was completely open minded and nonjudgmental. I saw her for a back ache, a sinus infection that persisted and just other basic stuff; but each time I saw her she would ask me about my sex life, maybe because HIV was a big deal at that time and she grew to care about me (I thought).

doctor hot story

She knew I wasn’t the dominant one and that I was not too careful about things. I drank a lot then, smoked weed and slept with many other gay men who tired to woo me. I was so relieved to find a lady in her 40s who was open-minded and would listen to me; but she would still gently scold me, and advise me. Once she told me to give ‘very ribbed’ condoms to boyfriends, because if they were using those I would feel it and know they were wearing it. At one visit, she again was asking me about sex and if I had done the ‘ribbed’ thing. I sheepishly said denied. She scolded me like I was a little school boy.

Sometimes talking with her would get a little intimate. Like she would ask me how long have I had a guy have sex with me me, did it pain (no), what enemas did I use, what kind of lube did we use, if it was bare-back did he come inside me, when I gave blow-jobs did I swallow, etc. If I answered her that yeah, such and such guy came in my ass she would say “Oh dear” or “Wow”. She admonished me: “You’ve got a death-wish.” She said to never, ever swallow semen. I admitted I had, and told her I’d heard you couldn’t catch HIV that way, but she was adamant. “Yes you can” she’d say “no matter how aroused I was in those moments, you gotta be careful”. It seemed she wanted to know almost every single detail.

This may sound irrelevant, but I was good-looking, lean body and had been complimented by both women and men that I had a ‘great butt’. Maybe this had a part in what happened next.


doctor hot story

How it Hit the Next Level

So after I’d been consulting her for over a year, the issue of a physical exam came up. I put it off because I was healthy, all my blood work was clear, and I didn’t see the point. But Dr. Christine insisted about the exam and scheduled it, blocked off an hour for a physical.

I knew it might involve a prostate deal, so a couple hours before going there I was at home and did 2 fleet enemas, which was something I did all the time before going to see a boyfriend or before going out. You never know what might happen.

So I’m there in the little room, naked, I wore one of those cheap looking gowns. She came in and was real nice and chatty like always. Checks me all out. This was the first time she’d seen me naked. I was one of those silly guys who shaved his pubes. I never had much hair down there, but the little hair I had was shaved into a perfect little rectangle, what guys called my “landing strip”. Dr. Christine actually talked about it. “Oh cool,” she says. “That’s really cute. I like that! Do you keep it like that all the time?” She was checking my sack; not sure why, and talking about my little strip. In that moment my penis rose up bit by bit until I had a semi hard on. I couldn’t help it.

Now Comes the Prostrate Exam of my lady Doctor hot story

doctor hot story

Yes, she does want to do a prostate exam. So she puts on a disposable glove on her hand and gets out the lube. Pulls a drawer out from the exam table, slightly above the floor. I had put my knees on there. Gown is in front of me, bunched up. I had my elbows on the table. She says “Um, no, that’s not gonna work”. I looked at her and she motions her arms out weirdly and said “You have to really, go over.” I didn’t know what she meant.

“I’ll tell you what,” and she pushes the drawer in. “Can you just get up on the table? It’ll be a lot easier”. I’m a little excited now, not sure exactly what she wants, but I climbed up onto the table, got on my knees and held myself up by my arms. She grabbed my butt cheek and was like tugging, spreading or something, and I realized she was using her bare hand. Then she came around to the side and started showing me with her hands what she wanted. Then I see she’s got one blue glove on just her right hand.

She had got me down on my elbows. “Can you, like, arch your back?” At that moment my body defaulted and I assumed a position that was very familiar to me. Back arched, my face was on the table, knees spread, my buttocks stuck right up for her. “Great, that’s the way,” she says. She starts applying lube on my anus, and she lingers. I was shocked and could feel my face flushing red. She lubed me up back there more than would ever be necessary, then comes around to me again and shows me how she’s lubing her gloved middle finger. “Okay, this is the finger I’m gonna use, okay?” I glance at her eyes and there’s a look there I’d never seen before. Can’t describe it. Just different.

She grabbed tight hold of my left bum with her bare hand and slowly pushed her finger all the way in. This was nothing new to me, but felt good all the same. Wiggles her finger around in there. She says “Does this feel okay?” I said yes. She pulled it out and I thought that was it; just then she pushed it in again.

I’m not really sure what she was doing or thinking. Sure felt fine. She moved her finger upwards at an angle, then down, and then all around. She said “Hmm,” as if she’d found something. She starts moving her bare hand around on my butt, and then I knew. I closed my eyes and was suddenly in bed with my boyfriend, on his white sheets, and this was just sex. She applied more lube on my anus, which felt great, and without a word pushed her finger in again, then pulled it out slowly and started STROKING me.

Her bare hand is moving all over the place, caressing my whole bottom while she’s slowly frigging me! I can hear her sensual breathing. Flat out, the doctor fingered me, and this went on for a good fifteen minutes, I swear to God. I couldn’t help but react to all this and of course I was moaning. In the middle of this she whispered one word, “Nice”. When my moaning got too loud she would say “Ssshhh.. Sssshhhh”. My body just did what was natural for me, and I got to bucking my rear end back at her the way I did against a guy’s hips. I didn’t want it to end and here we are in this little room, florescent lights, the clinical setting. I had a flash thought, someone might knock! But I wasn’t thinking much. She never missed a beat with these half-speed strokes. All the while she’s playing with my bottom like mad with her bare hand. I finally came and came all over the paper. She held her finger in awhile, patted my butt and pulled it out.

I had to reach down to squeeze out the last of my cum. I made a mess, and even told her that. She pulled a couple paper towels. I lifted up on my arms and she proceeded to wipe up my penis, which was still rock hard. I felt her bare fingers brushing me down there. Again, having this lady clean me up, I felt compelled to say “I’m sorry,” and she replied “Don’t worry about it. Nothing to be ashamed of at all.”

I got down and she went back to her regular self, just said “your prostate is fine”.

Another Encounter

doctor hot story

Nothing was said about the fact that she had just had oral sex with me. She even said she wanted to see me back in 3 months. I was kind of ashamed to admit it, but when that day came, I prepped myself again. At that appointment, after asking me details about my sex life, she stood up and said “I want to do another rectal”. I just did what she told me and the history repeated itself. Only difference was that, she did it for a longer time, used 2 fingers and didn’t try to hide her excitement. She was panting, whispering to me a lot more and there was more eye contact. After I had my orgasm she used a washcloth with water and literally washed my erection. She took hold of it with her bare hand and tried to squeeze more cum out. It was amazing but so strange. I think since she knew I liked to be fingered, that it was somehow perfectly normal to go ahead and do that to me.

Several months later I got scared because I’d gone to the local gay bath house; stoned, and got myself into a group sex situation. A guy was having sex with me in the steam room and some guys were standing around, watching and playing with themselves. The situation got so charged that I lost control of it. Guys disappeared and reappeared with a lot more lube, some guys were whispering to each other and I let them just take over. I was in my usual buns-up position, the steam was shut off and it turned into a whole line of eight guys; one after another they took turns for banging me. It went on for over 2 hours. Some of them took a long time. When one guy would finish up another guy would slip right in. I loved it, and they were all saying what a great ass I had and how great I was, but no one even mentioned condoms; including me. Every single guy shot his load inside me.

How it Ended

Some days after that I was totally freaked out and everything went dark. I felt like my soul was gone, and was certainly going to die. It was too soon for an HIV test but I just wanted to talk to Dr. Christine and tell her what I’d done. On the phone the receptionist says “Dr. Christine is no longer with us”. I said What? She’s my doctor! What happened? The lady said “she’s no longer practicing”.

A few months later I got tested at a clinic and was negative.

What Dr. Christine did to me, especially that first time, is on her. She did it to get her jollies, as I didn’t go in there that day with any idea that something was going to happen. I feel like she seduced me. I had opened up to her about my sex life and she was like this very compassionate lady. But over time I realized that all the intimate questions were nothing but sexual curiosity. She was very adept and slick at getting me onto that table, and knew that once she had me aroused, she could do anything. She already knew I had a problem with boundaries and protecting myself. And I let her do it, and I’m ashamed I went back and let her do it again. But it’s like she used me, and then BAM! She disappeared without even a call or a message. I don’t know what happened, or what she did to suddenly stop being a doctor. Maybe it was because of me.

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