Lesbian Erotic Story


When I was pretty young, there was one day where everything really kicked off. Until then, i had a few “boyfriends” that lasted for a couple of weeks at the most and pretty much went as far as a light kiss, or cuddling, or holding hands. So on this day, I was hanging out with my best friend Alexis at her place. We were in the basement living room watching Youtube videos or something while her brother and his friend Aaron were hanging out upstairs. We heard a door close and assumed they left the house, but a few minutes later Aaron came downstairs to see us. He was maybe 3 or 4 years older than us. He came over and sat down close to us, so we paused the video to see what he wanted.

He made small talk for a bit, and started asking us about boyfriends. We told him neither of us had one at the time, so he started telling us a bunch of stuff we should know in order to get guys. It was kinda random but we listened to him cause he was older so we figured he knew. Aaron told us a bunch of shit about dressing slutty with short, tight clothes, but the most important thing, he said, was that guys don’t want a girl who’s inexperienced or afraid of anything. He told us that if we were shy about kissing or sexual stuff then guys wouldn’t bother with us, and suggested that we should be practicing kissing each other to get comfortable with it.

This was uncharted territory for us so we were a bit weirded out at first, but he told us, “It’s no big deal. You both kissed guys before, and you’re not afraid to touch each other, so it should be easy.” Alexis shrugged and said, “Yeah, I guess. Let’s just try real quick.” I turned to look at her and she was already moving in and I froze. It was just a real quick peck on my lips, then she pulled back. I was like, “Yeah, ok. That wasn’t so crazy.” Alexis just smiled at me. Aaron told us, “See, no big deal. It doesn’t really mean anything, it’s just for practice for the real thing and to have fun.”

He got us to try it again, and then nudged us a little further telling us to use our tongues a little. I remember that I acted cool and played along with everything but I was panicking in my head and going crazy, like “what the fuck am I doing, this is crazy and weird and wrong” but at the same time it didn’t really feel weird or wrong. It was overwhelming for sure, but fun to be kissing someone i was comfortable with, and exciting cause we thought we were learning “big secrets” about how to get guys. Maybe that part was true, but I guess it’s not really a secret.

Anyway, we got over ourselves and enjoyed it, and Alexis was definitely having fun. I think she had kind of a crush on Aaron at the time so i’m sure that helped her along. Aaron said we were doing great, and we should keep practicing with each other sometimes. He said kissing each other would be only a little different to a guy so we’d still learn a lot that would help. He said, “See? Just watch this” and leaned over to kiss me. I was caught off guard so I just went with it for a little bit and then pulled back. He looked at Alexis and went right into a kiss with her. She started to kiss back, then froze up, then pushed him away and said he was done. He shrugged and walked away, telling us not to forget any of this on his way out.

We went back to watching whatever, but it was kinda tense and awkward now while we processed all that. We got over it eventually, and later that day we were alone in Alexis’s room not doing much of anything when she said, “Hey … do you want to practice again?” She looked really hopeful and smiley. I answered, “Yeah, I think so. It was kinda fun.”

I came over to the bed where was sitting, and I sat beside her on the edge. We looked at each other and burst out in awkward laughter. We tried a few more times but kept nervously laughing before we could kiss. Finally, she put her hand on my face and said, “Don’t move.” and planted a gentle kiss on my cheek. I stopped moving. She did another one, then another one. I turned to face her more directly, and we moved in slowly until our lips met. We pressed our lips together, pulled back a little, and pressed again. Pulled back, pressed again. I could feel my whole face burning red like I was embarrassed, but I wasn’t and wanted to keep going. I felt my leg touch hers and just felt … weird, all over, like shaky, or wavy, or scared. I was kind of terrified and happy all at once.

We pulled back again and looked at each other, but just smiled. No nervous laughing this time. Alexis put both her hands on my cheeks and we kissed again. I think I made a little noise or squeak or something when I felt her tongue slip past my lips, and I sent my tongue to meet hers. We sat and kissed and tongued and played and giggled for a long time.

Finally we broke apart and both fell back on the bed, almost feeling exhausted, laughing some more cause we didn’t know what else to say after that. She turned to me and said, “We are def doing that again sometime.” She wasn’t wrong. For a long time, almost every time we were alone we took a little break from whatever we were doing to just sit and kiss. After that first time, we were a lot more comfortable, we could just jump right into it.

We didn’t really escalate for a long time, until like a couple of weeks later. I don’t even know why I suggested it, but I said we should take our pants off before we kissed this time. Alexis thought for a second and shrugged and agreed, so we awkwardly de-pantsed. We had changed in front of each other before without much thought but it was different this time. I took a long look at her wearing a white t-shirt and pink panties and took in the sight. She was looking at me, so I checked myself out in the big mirror, with my black tank top and black panties. I kind of felt like I was watching two different people in the mirror, not myself and my best friend.

I looked back to her and she came to sit beside me and sat with one leg hanging over my leg. As we got down to the usual kissing, I found myself moving my leg back and forth a little to feel it rub against hers. She started moving to my rhythm and we really enjoyed the friction. Before too long, both us were running a hand over each other’s bare leg. So this now became a regular thing every time we kissed, if it was possible. Pants off, lips locked.

Over time, our hands got a little bolder and went a little further. First, she’d go right up the edge of my ass and then retreat. Then I’d get my fingertips just under the edge of her panties over her ass. We kept playing this game of pushing boundaries, a little at a time. One day we were really into it and I was feeling good. I ran my hand up the back of her leg, slid it under her panties, and grabbed as big a handful of ass as I could. She moaned, pressed into me, and gently bit down on my lip. She pulled back and apologized, thinking she hurt me, but I just grabbed her ass again and kissed her hard. This kind of blew open the door a little bit and our hands were going everywhere. Squeezing asses, running up our backs, under shirts, over the stomach, all over our faces and necks. It really moved things to a new level.

We started doing our little makeout sessions laying down in bed, with lots of hands and moving, slowly rubbing our bodies against each other. The next obvious step was to lose our shirts. It’s crazy, looking back, we didn’t think of ourselves as lesbians or bi at all. We were still half practicing, half just having fun. But now we were two girls, making out in bed, in bras and panties. We should have figured it out by then, but this was all new to us. It didn’t seem like a thing that needed to be labelled, we just did it and enjoyed it. There was one time in particular that I mentioned this whole adventure to another girl friend of ours. I brought it up really casual, because didn’t know it was weird or anything, like everyone has a best friend they do gay topless makeouts with, and my friend got really awkward. She said stuff like she wasn’t even sure she liked kissing boys, and kissing a girl was just gross. I was getting mad and trying to tell her it wasn’t gross, it was a lot of fun. Later that night, I kept wondering if it really was ok, so I spent the night googling stuff like “is it ok to kiss your friend”, “can girls kiss other girls”, and a bunch of stuff like that. I found a lot of supportive LGBT stuff and read a whole bunch and felt a lot better about everything.

Also, you can guess what kind of stuff I found by searching for “girls kissing girls.” I didn’t mean to start a deep dive into porn but I did. I was really grossed out by a lot of stuff I found (maybe guys like some of that stuff better) but I did find a lot that I liked. I showed some good videos and pics of girls kissing to Alexis, and she loved it, so we started always sending each other links to stuff we liked. Sometimes we’d watch it together before kissing, or during, and sometimes try to copy it and do whatever they did in the video. That got to be a lot of fun. It was the porn that inspired us to take it all even further.


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