One of the Best and Latest Young Adult Novels

The Big Book of Orgasms

  • It is one of the best and latest young adult novels containing 69 short stories.
  • Young adult are not very sure of what they want to read so book gives a variety if options.
  • 69 stories and all from different well known erotica authors; undoubtedly the book is worth the read.
  • The characters of the book come with different looks and personalities; so you won’t get bored of it ever.
  • The book is specially published for those who love the climax as it explores all angles of making an adult orgasm.
  • Filled with drama, steamy hot romance, plot twists and rough love making; The Big Book of Orgasms is a must buy.
  • The Audiobook is available for free while the paperback version is of just $15.95

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