Is Squirting and Peeing the Same Thing – Myth Busted

Yes, it’s a never ending debate; whether squirting is pee or not. What exactly is the difference between the two or is squirting and peeing the same thing? Well, what is it? Can we finally find the answer to this mysterious act? Can we?!

I saw an interview of Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara discussing about the intense fountain of youth. There are some adult actresses, who believe squirt is not piss the others are pretty sure it’s pee. Kayden and Manuel are on the same page regarding this, they are both firm believers that squirting is pee.

Squirting is uncontrollable release of urine

is squirting and peeing the same thing

Okay, now seriously, when will this debate end? Can we finally seal the deal and say that it’s actually pee? But wait, then why do Rain DeGrey, Ela Darling, Jenna J Ross and others think it’s not pee. There’s an “Ask A Po*nstar” episode by Wood Rocket made on this topic and, continuing the uncertainty, we still don’t have the right answer. Whom should we trust now? This seriously confuses me.

Sometimes, when a girl drinks an excessive amount of liquid (water) before any such scene, then obviously, it’s pee. Sometimes the girl doesn’t drink anything and squirts like a volcano as well. Okay, so now, finally, is squirting and peeing the same thing? You see, we are not getting anywhere with this approach.

According to a study, led by a French team, squirting is pee. 7 healthy women were examined during their sexual act. All seven of them had empty bladders before sexual intercourse; however, urine collected just before squirting showed that the bladder was filling up. When the sex part was over, urine samples showed that their bladders were empty again. This revealed origin of the squirted liquid.

is squirting and peeing the same thing

Study found that squirting is nothing but uncontrollable release of urine during the sexual activity. However, there’s also a small contribution of prostatic secretions as well. But why is squirting sometimes a clear liquid and the other times a yellow-ish, slightly cloudy liquid? Because it’s identical to piss. If you drink a lot of water then take a pee, it will be clear; and if you lack hydration, piss will be, yellowish.


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