3 Best Tips to Improve Sex Life of Couples

Sex is like the best thing ever right? You could go as far to say it’s on par with the first bite into one of your favorite foods, depending of course on who you ask.

First, you get into a relationship and the two of you go at it like jackrabbits, but as time goes on you turn into more like turtles compared to those first couple of months. But why is this? Really simple, we get bored. It’s completely normal and part of human nature.

This is where Kyle Benson has shared his secrets “Three most important things to do to have amazing sex in a relationship”, before or after the passion in the relationship has died down.

So, whip out your handy dandy notebook and jot down these 3 best tips to improve sex life of couples:

1. Figure out why you’re having sex with each other

Understand this about women, there are times like having an FWB (friend with benefits) or a one night fling, but generally speaking, a woman will only want to get down and dirty with you once she really knows you and feels like she trusts you. Men, on the other hand, are much more open to casual sex than their woman counterpart.

You already know men typically have sex to get an emotional connection with the ladies. But then again, maybe he just likes to have sex.

It’s important for guys to recognize the fact that “the way in which we [men versus women] feel loved and rejected in sex may be different.” Huffington post also says: “By sharing how you experience love and rejection, you’ll begin to understand your partner more and your partner will understand you as well. Any honest conversation you can have about sex will significantly improve your relationship both inside and outside of the bedroom.”

best tips to improve sex life of couples

2. Talk about fantasies and let your freak hang out

It’s true everyone has fantasies, it’s nothing to be ashamed of or hide. The last person you wouldn’t want to be filled in about your fantasies is your sex partner, maybe you have the same 50 Shades of Grey fantasies rolling through your head at work? Or maybe you never got with a cheerleader in high school, slide over to our website and have her pick a kinky outfit out. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

But you’re too shy and you missed out on an opportunity that might never pop up again? That brings me to the next point which is: If you never tell your partner, they’ll never know! What’s the worst that could happen, you get told no? Nine times out of ten unless it’s something gross to the max or puts you or her in excessive danger then she’ll probably be down to give it a shot!

best tips to improve sex life of couples

3. Open your schedule! And plan ahead!

That’s right, planning can be sexy too. It might be the end of the workday, it’s Friday. Your boss has been on your ass all week, it’s finally time to get someone on your ass that you actually want to be there. Try to keep this casual, it doesn’t have to be so formal. Be like Kyle Benson, he says, “create an erotic space and time for your partner and you to connect. What happens in the space is up to you, but space itself is deliberately designed to bring the erotic emotions back into the relationship. It gives you the space to seduce your partner. To treat them like you treated them within the first two years. Wild, free… but now it’s with intention.”

However, “sex dates” (for lack of better word) are more suited for partners that have
been together for a minute. But regardless, the time every couple deserves their own
“sex space”.

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