I Took Advantage of My Female Best Friend

We were friends since last 5 years. She was 19 and I was 20.

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We were close both socially as well as physically. Random touches, hugs and even cheek kisses were normal with us. We used to hug each other for minutes when we used to meet after a long time. Nothing wrong till now.

She had a very recent breakup with her boyfriend and needed mental support. That was what I was there for, like friends.

Well, after schooling ended, we both shifted to different states due to colleges. Anyway, it didn’t hinder our relation a bit.

So, it was my college vacation and I decided to give her a surprise visit. It was the time of December, Christmas. I booked a good hotel near her college for 3 days in advance.

I reached her college directly (all girls college) to her surprise and she was more than happy to see me there given her mental condition due to break up. She ran and hugged me in front of her friends and I felt worth coming for her.

Now, I was also single due to a recent breakup but that didn’t affect me much. So, we both were kind of sailing in the same boat but we had each other’s back. We were at the end, fine.

She offered me to give me a ride of the city and I was happy to accept it. We roamed the city until around 10 PM and now we both were exhausted. She told me her hostel warden won’t tolerate her coming back this late and might even suspend her. You see where this is going right?

So, I had already told her about my hotel stay, and soon we agreed to stay together for the night. Again not a big deal.

Now, since the hotel room had just one room and one double bed, hence not many options were available. We decided to watch a movie while we ate chocolates. It was very cold and I just for fun set the room A.C. to 16 degree Celsius. We got close, real close due to cold and an interesting movie (The Notebook).

Now those of you who’ve seen this movie must know about the emotional torture it could cause, that too to a girl with a recent breakup. She just broke down in my arms and I don’t know what stimulated me in that situation but I too reciprocated from the bottom of my heart. I felt really bad for her and had goosebumps all over my body. I felt responsible for her. I hugged her tight. Real tight. I kissed her head, her forehead, her nose, brought her close and she loved it. She was pampered like the way she deserved.

We continued the movie while she is buried in my arms. Her scent made me love her instantly. We were close and all but that moment made me feel like why couldn’t I just love her, she was perfect the way I want her. I drove nuts.

Till the movie ended, it was already 3 in the morning and we weren’t sleepy at all. We kept staring each other, looking for understanding each other better. We kept hugging, crying. I can’t even justify till today why did I cry, but I did it from the bottom of my heart and at that moment I just wanted her happy, happiest. It felt so right.

I had no clue about how she felt about me at that moment, but she liked my presence, my touch, that’s what I was sure of. After an hour of cuddling each other, we started to feel easy, a little naughty smile for both of us. We were good, hungry but not sleepy. I took out the last Dairy milk silk from my bag which was for her of course.

We shared it and ate like little kids, sharing, making each other eat, and in no moment, I felt the urge to just bring her close and kiss her passionately, in love. My lips touched hers, and it was pure, eternal. That light background music in the room, the coldness, the emotional state, everything made it better. I can’t say she initially kissed me back but neither did she backed off.

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To cut short, she was very beautiful, slim, tall, white, and had a sharp nose with the perfect jawline. We kissed for minutes, and now she got involved too. We kept touching each other’s bodies and kept kissing. Her red lips tasted heaven. It was a kind of a sloppy kiss, credits to the chocolate. She felt heaven, our body contact felt so warm, so comforting, so right. I was in love man, instantly, deeply. I don’t know if that sounds even possible but it was true at that moment. I turned off my laptop’s lid with my leg and busy kissing, kicking the laptop down from the bed. It was unstoppable.

Now, kisses turned into touching, exploring and stripping. We didn’t have to think much, the moment made us do it. No protection, no second thoughts, we were ready for it. It was sheer, pure, mad love. I was a virgin and so was she. That night’s sex was the best feeling in my life because the love we made was the rebound of her pain and my care for her. We slept in each other’s arms for hours all awake.

In the morning when I woke up, she was long gone. I found a note on the table which said, “I respect you.”

I felt wrong somehow but I told myself that we’ll meet again. We didn’t, that’s a different thing. Not till now. I guess maybe never. We do talk on WhatsApp but not like before. That is what escalated my guilt and will always do until and unless we talk about it in person. Maybe that day comes soon.

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