How to Use Nipple Suction Toy

We know your love for the bondage kind of love making which is why we present nipple pump. A softer alternative to nipple clamps, the vacuum pump can give great pleasure. Let’s start with the question- how to use nipple suction toy.

  1. Firstly, place the toy over the nipple and touch it to the body. Make sure that there’s no air passage.
  2. Now press the nipple pump a little and start rotating the knob in order to suck the air. This will slowly let the nipple bulge into the pump.
  3. Now, since the vacuum is created you can stop rotating and move to the other nipple.


  • The nipple suction toy is made of special ABS Silicon material and thus gives a smooth usage.
  • The body is clear so you can easily know when to stop.
  • One end of the toy is covered with silicone which doesn’t let the air out.
  • The material of the suction pump is highly durable and odor free.
  • It is safe to use on all skin types and won’t cause any irritation.
  • Nipple suction pump has been ordered over 330 times and have been voted 4.8 put of 5.
  • Available here just for- $1.17


how to use nipple suction toy

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