How to Initiate Chat with Girls

In this world of digitization, a lot of guys are facing this problem of talking to girls. They want to say something and it comes out in a different manner. So, here’s a simple guide to direct you on how to initiate chat with girls. Also, there’s a bonus tip for you to ask her out for the conclusion. So, here it goes.

Don’t be romantic to girls while texting. I suggest not to do this because there’s no “sub-communication” involved. She can’t feel your tonality, expression and body language. She’ll never know if you’re doing it from an honest perspective.

And asking random shoddy questions which work in real life, might not actually have the same effect while texting.

You might have heard of the 36 questions, right?Like “What would you like to do before you die?” We’ll, these kinda question won’t be effective via texts, but will be quite effective in real life as it’ll be combined with eye contact, vocal tonality.

initiate chat with girls

Do this instead-

1- Remember your goal while texting a girl will be to get her out in person

2- Don’t take her questions seriously. Joke around have fun. Don’t overthink a text conversation.

3- Don’t be generic. Let’s just assume that you aren’t the only guy who’s texting her. You’ll have to make your conversation stand out, spike her emotion.

4- Don’t be there for her all the time- Texting her good morning, texting her all day everyday, initiating the conversation all the time. If you do that, there would be a good chance to get friend-zoned.

5- Share a real funny story or made up, either ones cool. Ask her opinion on it and stuff around it.

6- Take the advantage of technology- send her a voice message at night (like you are whispering in her ears, nobody does this stuff) make sure its not creepy though.

7- Tease her- Don’t be that guy who’s super nice to her. Take her through a roller coaster of emotions. Don’t be that simple, plain guy.

8- Investment- Make sure that length of your text message is lower than hers. Be sure to also match the time she takes to reply. If she replays pretty quickly, with a lot of emojis. It’s a pretty good sign.

9- Don’t use more emojis and slang. You’ve got a QWERTY keypad. Type in full sentences and use proper grammar.

10- Freeze out and pull-away- When the conversation goes really well, leave the conversation abruptly and text her back only after few hours or a day. Shell miss you! Freezing out is answering only in one or two words, only after you’ve got her to invest. You’ll have to quickly back up and get things back to normal after freezing out, otherwise she’ll think you’re not interested.

initiate chat with girls

Asking her out-

Best time to ask her out is by creating a scenario. Suppose you talk about a new food place or movie, invite her.

Worst way to ask her out- Do you wanna grab coffee?

Right way- Let’s go grab coffee!

The power of words, man!

Now you can be romantic to her!

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