How Much Money Do Male Adult Video Stars Make

Have you ever wondered how much the adult video stars earn to screw girls in videos?

To answer that, Christopher Zeidschegg (performing as Danny Wylde) revealed that he was making £3,300 ($3510 USD) per month. This was once he secured his first contract. Only having to work six days of the week was perfect for his schedule. He was a full-time student and part-time adult star. And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to get paid to nail hot babes throughout the week?

male adult video star income

The now-retired adult star did not start out earning that much though. In the beginning, he would make just around £245 a scene. As he featured in more scenes (over 600 total), his earnings would double with increased experience. However, women tend to earn more than their male costars. According to him, they expect upwards of £800 per scene, even just as beginners.

Other male performers, such as Brazzers super-star Keiran Lee, make an absolute killing. Brazzers insured his penis for a whopping $1,000,000, making him one of the wealthiest male performers in the biz. He’s performed in over 1,110 scenes, paid on average over $1,000 each time. He even directs his own scenes, roughly twenty per month which drastically increases his earnings potential.

In January of 2016, CNBC found that male adult stars average $500-600 per scene with better-known performers earning $700-900. The superstars may even earn up to $1,500. With that, even if you did one scene per week, you’d still be making more than minimum wage while getting paid to fuck other super sexy adult video stars. And if you’re into gay porn, word on the street is you can get paid up to three times as much.

From what we’ve gathered, one could potentially be pretty profitable as a male star. Although, you must first rise through the ranks and prove that your pet trouser snake can perform well enough to solidify you as a candidate to make a successful wage. The reality is many men try and fail to become male adult video stars, whether the pressure is too intense or they just flat out don’t have the required sexual experience. However, if you’re a young buck with a big junk and a lot of ambition, being a male po*nstar might be just the career choice for you!

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