How to Get into the Adult Industry- Some Facts You Must Know

If you watch po*n videos , you might think that the actors are unbelievably lucky to have sex with beauties. They experience great pleasure, satisfy their own lust, and even get decent money for it. For those of you who have this question- how to get into the adult industry; here are some inside facts that we think you must know.

► If you look at a seductive charmer with sperm on the face then you can be almost sure that in most cases its something else. This cocktail is made of yogurt “Pina Colada” or liquid soap Cetaphil.

how to get into the adult industry

► You can find on the adult star’s tweet page phrases that she passionately wants a huge penis or she wants to fu*k hard. But that does not mean that she shares her thoughts, just gives her numerous fans an excuse for fantasy, and excites emotions.

► And of course, there’s no minibus with a company of guys, where charming strangers jump with pleasure, in order to play a little bit.

► Most of the famous adult actresses already have a family, so a fan may not have many chances. But if you make a lot of effort to get acquainted with the star, then nothing is unattainable.

► If you think the work of porn actors is a pleasure then just sit back and try to imagine yourself in the place of that guy. Every minute he is instructed how to fu*k, to finish, to raise the right leg, bite nipples, turn over, take out, go deeper, etc.

how to get into the adult industry

► Do not forget that the fact, that filming in po*n does not mean that the girl is frivolous and illegible in sexual relations; girls are not ready to sleep with the first counter. Contrary to popular belief, porn actors are not the carriers of sexually transmitted diseases, they actually are very source of sexually transmitted diseases. Even though pornographers take tests every two weeks, but chances of picking up an infection cannot be ruled out.

►Do not forget that in front of you there are actors who are just playing their part. A two-hour video is actually mounted from several small scenes. In between scenes, po*n actors take pills, catch their breath, fix their makeup and start again with full commitment. They follow the director’s instructions, just 10-15 minutes of violent sex can help shoot a whole day. After combining these scenes the masters create a charming illusion for the most sophisticated spectators.

how to get into the adult industry

► In real life there are no partners with 10-15 inches, and if you saw something similar in po*n, it can be a masterly executed model.

► Many of the gay adult actors have heterosexual videos early in their careers, but sex with women gradually bores them. So they begin to go into contact with trances, and later with other men. Quite a large percentage of those who work in gay po*n, started with standard scenes with seductive beauty. But after the “re-qualification” these actors are forever left to act in gay adult videos, because the girls do not excite them anymore.

Final Words

how to get into the adult industry

If you are dreaming about real sex with an adult star, then you can easily afford to make your dreams come true. Their husbands and boyfriends allow many actresses who earn in adult movies to earn extra money by prostitution. This “rental” will cost around 70-80 thousand dollars for the weekend, of course with the function “all inclusive”, you can feel like a real macho.

Now again give some thought to that question of yours- How to Get into the Adult Industry.

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