Drunk Sex or Stoned Sex

So, what do you prefer Drunk Sex or Stoned Sex?

There’s no denying that drunk sex is great. Gulping down some mixed drinks, let it all hang out just have some clumsy, careless trashed sex.

Then again, you have stoned sex as well which is an entirely different sport of its own. Your mind and your penis are in two separate universes. Every thrust is heaven on Earth.

But which is on top (so to speak)? Both are so awesome that it’s really hard to tell.

To answer this question, we took a survey, kind of a study to find out what they preferred.
We recruited 24 participants to take part in several comprehensive interviews so we can get down to the answer of should you smoke a joint or take a few shots before sex?

drunk vs stoned

Take these 5 points into perspective:

1. Beer Goggles
You’re out with your buddies and it’s not long till you have a nice buzz going, you hit a wall. Fortunately for you, you’ve been chatting it up with a hottie. One thing leads to another. Your place? Her place? Does it matter? It’s a successful night of awesome drunk sex. Until you wake up head pounding which feels like a two by four is sticking out of your head. Then you look over and she’s a complete dog. Not to sound shallow, but you can do so much better. Be wise and start flirting before you drink.

Though, when your baked this is not a factor. Yep, no such thing as weed goggles, and you have a much lower chance of waking up next to Sloth. “With weed, I know who I’m waking up with. With drinking, you don’t know. Once you start drinking, everybody looks good,” one participant said.

2. You can really regret drunk sex more so than stoned sex
The study found that the most common feeling after drunk sex was regret.
“Both males and females commonly reported that regret, shame, and embarrassment were associated with alcohol use, but this was rarely reported for marijuana.”
“I want to cook the person something to eat (after sex) when I’m high”, A participant responded.

drunk sex

3. Negative physical sensations down low if not disappearing altogether
When having sex while you’re really drunk, you can become nauseous and ‘God help her’ puke all over the poor girl. It’s not uncommon to blackout during sex either. A participant said he needed to stop fucking because he “had to stop and go hurl.” Mmmm, Doesn’t that turn you on? (NOT)

However, this is almost unheard of while stoned. In fact, if anything there are interruptions when you’re high as fuck. It’s in your head and usually, it comes in the form of simply losing motivation.
“You’re so high, you start thinking sex is weird. ‘what is sex?’”, one participant made this deep remark.

4. It’s simple: stoned sex just feels better than drunk sex
The study said alcohol numbs sensations, while on the other hand marijuana improves them, getting high before getting it on makes for the better sex.
With alcohol, “Everything is sort of blunted and muted, whereas with marijuana it’s intensified.”

Although thanks to that booze numbs your business, you can last quite a bit longer in the sack, or you might get whiskey penis; depends how trashed you are.

“Sometimes it lasts too long”, said a respondent. “Compared to when you’re high it feels so great and it might be a little shorter.”

Also, getting high leads to “more tender, slow, and compassionate sexual acts and to involve more sensation and sensuality than alcohol.” It has been reported that both men and women have a lot better orgasms while stoned and a participant said that her orgasms had been, “magnified at least by five times.”

stoned sex

5. Drunk sex has risks that stoned sex doesn’t
“With regard to sexual risk behavior, the majority of participants felt that alcohol was sexually riskier than marijuana”, said the researchers in the report. The participants went as far as saying “I threw my good judgment out the window.” When they were drunk it had been said often they would get so blackout drunk they simply weren’t aware who’s pants they were getting into.
To make things worse, they were also not aware of what they were doing, and whether they did or didn’t wear a rubber.

On the other hand, pot is the polar opposite as participants said “they felt in control”, and “didn’t have risky sex”, like they would with alcohol. Even one participant interestingly pointed out that marijuana use decreased his likelihood of engaging in a risky sexual behavior because while high he was too paranoid to give in.

Well, now we know stoned sex has quite a bit of a jump on drunk sex. Then again, this is just judging super brave and honest people and when it boils down to it it’s different strokes for different folks which might just sum this up perfectly.

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