Adult Video Stars Tell If Their Families Know What They Do

When you decide to pursue po*n as a professional career, you know the whole world will find out about it sooner rather than later. It’s pointless to hide what you do for a living, instead, be honest and talk about it to your family and friends. This blog is mainly about the life of adult actress on their terms with their families.
Several stars were asked the same question: Does your family know that you do x-rated movies? In nearly all cases, adult film actors’ and actress’ family (and friends) know that they are in the adult entertainment industry. However, some are more supportive than the others and some can’t even process the word “po*n” (anymore).

riley reid

Riley Reid’s family know she does adult videos for a living and are really chill about her job. Of course, it was weird at the beginning (and sometimes still is!) but when chatting to her grandmother about anal, things settle down. FYI: her grandmother LOVED anal!

Kenna James’ family do know about what she does and are supportive, however, they don’t talk much about it.

It’s kind of a mixed thing for Leah Gotti. Mother supports her but her dad completely cut her out of her family.

Ela Darling’s parents support her entirely at being an adult star. “My mother has really, really defended me to some really nasty people.”

Charlotte Gross does not get much support from her parents – pursuing it as a professional career made and is still making them mad.

allie haze

Allie Haze gives a hint that people will find you do x-rated movies so don’t try and hide.

Vyxen Steel’s mother saw her video and her reaction was laughter and said that we have a really fucked up generation.

April O’Neil’s parents found out because she forgot to delete search history when she was taking a peek at her new scene. OOPS!

Mickey Mod is still keeping it a secret, except from his sister. She thinks it’s funny.

Claire Robbins’s father came across it once and that was pretty much it. Nobody asked any further questions.

Amarna Miller has a completely different look at po*n comparing to her old-school-thinking parents. She’s in the business because this is exactly what she wants to do with her life.

monica rise

Monica Rise’s mother says to each his own. By the way, her sister is a stripper.

Shyla Jennings has a very supportive family/friend unit. YAY!

Mick Blue’s mom was like, “Can’t you do a different job?” About eight months into the industry, his mom asks him if he has a VHS because her sisters, his aunts, would like to watch Mick’s scenes. At the time he played a young detective for a German company what made everyone super happy for Mick being a “porn detective.”

Jade Nile gets nothing but support since everyone sees how much happier she is and how much she does belong in the adult entertainment industry.

Abigail Mac’s father only wants her to be happy. Her father is OK with it but does not want to talk about it, whereas Anikka Albrite’s mother, she is all proud of her and excited about her job, especially the awards winning the part.

anny aurora

Anny Aurora doesn’t really get any support from her parents but they are not against it. They are of “she’s old enough to know what’s best for her” thinking.

At first, Lily Ivy’s folks weren’t OK with it but being completely honest with them, they eventually became fine with it. Still, it’s not really a topic they often discuss at dinner.

Knowing Alana Evans’ grandmother is friend with her Facebook p*rno page says enough.

All Dava Foxx’s family know she’s in adult movies and they are actually pretty big supporters.

It’s not really her parents’ dream career for Violet Monroe but they love her anyway.

Bliss Dulce’s mother and father think she is smart and should use her brain to make money and not her body. “We can agree to disagree on certain things.”

Veruca James wishes everyone good luck, explaining to her 75 year-old grandmother that she’s in x-rated movies. “I’m also a grown-ass-woman and have two degrees in CPA, so fu*k anybody who wants to say I can’t suck it for a living.”

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